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A bold vision for the future of planning

We know how valuable your time and energy is, so here at Planr, our mission is to simplify and streamline all of your marketing efforts into one straightforward, automated plan that does the work for you.

A small team with mighty ambition

Planr began with a dream where each venture, regardless of size and experience, has easy access to top planning skills, tools and resources.

Up until recently, these have only been available for a select few. 

Founded in Tel Aviv by savvy entrepreneurs.
Years of accumulated professional experience.
Data points analysed by the platform.

The press are lovin' it

We've only just launched and we're already getting tremendous support and feedback from all around.

“Changing the game would be an understatement”

“They really are shaking things up”

“Truly they are humanity’s greatest hope. Let’s hope they can pull it off”

A growing team of innovators

Our team is composed of a variety of entrepreneurs, advisors and thought leaders with extensive marketing and business backgrounds.

With Planr, you can access a comprehensive compilation of their collective knowledge in one smart solution. 
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